Receive documents electronically.

Manage the documents throughout their lifecycle

and when these documents are them online.

ConnectPlus provides you the ability to receive bills and other correspondence in a timely manner while being able to review, save and manage your bills online. ConnectPlus allows for almost immediate document delivery.

As a bonus, you are being environmentally friendly by "Going Green" with paperless bill pay and online statements.

With ConnectPlus you do not have to be home to open envelopes and you can communicate electronically when it is convenient for you.

Bills can be paid via credit card, debit card or with an online check based on the guidelines of those to whom you are paying.

The ConnectPlus service is free - plus you pay no postage and the possibility of finance and late charges is diminished.

This service uses the latest technology to protect the security of your information. This is the same technology that all reputable online banking and financial service sites utilize. Your personal and payment data is safe with ConnectPlus.

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